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Torre Caleido

Inmobiliaria Espacio - Grupo Emperador
59,000 m2

Torre Caleido facilities, the fifth tower of Madrid, in height less than the 4 predecessors, in surface, the largest of all.

Scope of the works: all the facilities corresponding to teaching use, 34 floors above ground and 6 below ground.

Application of Lean methodology as the basis of the work, with a logistics warehouse located in basement 6 of the works themselves, avoiding errors in terms of deadlines and costs.

It contributes to the interior comfort in terms of temperature, air renewal, light and acoustic control, well above the established standards.

100% of the project, at the level of assembly plans, comes from the BIM model. Construcía Instalaciones works with a specific team made up of 4 modellers and a BIM Manager.

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