In Construcía Instalaciones we are committed to BIM methodology, together with Lean2Cradle® methodology, contributing our experience in installations to the modernisation of the sector and firmly believing that a different way of building is not only possible, but also necessary.

BIM methodology has been introduced into our construction processes by standardising procedures, unifying criteria and establishing stable and efficient information channels. It is precisely in information management where BIM methodology leaves behind the traditional method.

We can define BIM as the collaborative work methodology for the creation and management of a construction project that incorporates geometric (3D), time (4D), cost (5D), environmental (6D) and maintenance (7D) information.

Information management takes a relevant position in a construction process, making it possible to materialise a project, where the client will have total control of its assets.

It is at this point where BIM and Lean2Cradle® methodologies join forces and give that differentiating value to the projects we execute for our clients.

BIM methodology within installations

The commitment to BIM in Construcía Instalaciones allows us to have a perspective where our technicians can assess different options before starting to build. BIM allows us to:

  • The prefabrication of different elements, such as electrical trays, ducts and pipes, reducing assembly times on site.
  • The control of the construction processes by means of laser scanners, speeding up the obtaining of the works final documentation.
  • Reducing errors by automating modelling tasks and using the manufacturer’s integrated content..
  • Obtaining more accurate and coherent construction documents.
  • Controlling completion times.

In order to promote the application of this methodology, it is necessary to use a series of resources to help us get the most out of BIM.

  • Laser scanner: thanks to a Faro scanner, we have incorporated the point cloud and 360º photo service into the processes of Construcía Instalaciones. At present, the updated information of the changes is applied on site to transpose the models and to give reliability to the model.
  • Tablets and mobiles on site: with them and through free viewers, all our site personnel have the updated documentation.
  • Virtual reality glasses (Lenovo Explorer): thanks to VR technology and Windows Mixed Reality platform we can load our model in an immersive virtual space. It allows us to interact with the design facilities, move freely around them and check the location of the equipment and measurements.

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